Recovery Rapids

River rapids adventure from Games That Move You for Biodex balance devices.

Looking to provide next-level
patient engagement?

In partnership with Games That Move You, Biodex lets you take balance gaming to the next level with an exclusive edition of a rehab favorite.

Deliver high-repetition balance training with Recovery Rapids – a river rapids adventure game from Games That Move You. Power a boat downstream, steer around bends, collect items and avoid obstacles – all through weight-shifting on the Balance System SD or BioSway platform.

  • Encourage carry-over of motor gains to daily activities
  • Promotes high-repetition massed practice
  • Keep patients exercising
  • Improve overall client satisfaction
Set difficulty level by adjusting the Balance System SD platform.
Steer around bends, collect items and avoid obstacles.
Patients collect bottles to gain points.
  • Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning
  • Senior Rehab
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Vestibular Disorders
  • Wellness
  • Sports Medicine/Orthopedic
  • Concussion Management

Therapy in Motion

To help you achieve better outcomes for your balance deficient patients, Biodex engineers worked with Games That Move You to adapt Recovery Rapids game software to our balance rehabilitation devices.

Games That Move You seeks to revolutionize clinical care by making the newest research-based interventions more accessible and engaging for consumers through the use of gaming technology. Their interactive rehabilitation products are developed in collaboration with scientists, patients and clinicians.


  • Compatible with Balance System™ SD and
    BioSway devices equipped with 15.6” Color
    Touchscreen and Windows 7/10 OS
  • Requires Balance software 4.0.12 or higher

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