Sit2Stand™ Squat-Assist Trainer

Strengthens lower extremities in a safe, progressive environment; reinforcing the seated to standing movement.

Increase strength. Improve balance & mobility.

• Quadriceps
• Adductors
• Abductors
• Gluteals

Sit-to-Stand… the most fundamental motion for functional independence.
One of the most fundamental motions required to maintain/sustain a greater quality of life is the ability to stand from a seated position. Performed many times throughout the day, this biomechanically demanding movement requires more lower extremity joint torque and range of motion than walking or stair climbing.1

Preserving the ability to rise from a seated position is crucial for maintaining independence. The Sit2Stand Trainer is easy to use with conveniently located adjustment levers for seat height and assistance, and biomechanically positioned arm supports. Wellness members can utilize the device with minimal supervision, strengthening both upper and lower extremities, important for maintaining independence.

Reinforce Therapy Strategies
With attention to detail in the biomechanics of the sit-to-stand motion and the therapy process, the Biodex Sit2Stand™ is designed to allow the therapist full access to the patient to train and reinforce strategies for the sit-to-stand motion while providing the patient a safe environment.

In addition to lower extremity strengthening, the Sit2Stand™ contributes to upper extremity strength gain. Upper extremities often compensate for lower extremity weakness, which can lead to upper extremity pain. There is a correlation between increased leg strength and reduction in shoulder problems relating to the sit-to-stand motion.2

By varying seat height and foot position, the patient will learn the effects of body position and joint angle to control center of mass and the role of momentum in rising.3 The large, comfortable contoured seat with pivoting backrest articulates naturally to correspond with pelvic tilt during sit-to-stand motion. Adjustable start and end seat position accommodates varying amounts of hip flexion and orthopedic conditions.

She Loves The Biodex Sit2Stand Trainer.

“I think the [Biodex Sit2Stand Trainer] helps me when I’m sitting anywhere… on a chair or a sofa. It has helped me to be able to get myself back up. I used to do this exercise at home on a regular dining room chair but this is much better. I love it.”Adele Sherman,
Resident, Heritage Pointe, Mission Viejo, CA





1 Lomaglio MJ, Eng Janice. Muscle strength and weight-bearing symmetry relate to sit-to-stand performance in individuals with stroke. Gait & Posture 22(2005) 126-131.
2 Talaty M, Esquenazi A., Klien M. Changes in Sit Stand Biomechanics after a Muscle Strengthening Program.Moss Rehab
3 Janssen WGM, et al. Determinants of the Sit-to-Stand Movement: A Review. Phys Ther. 2002;82:866-879

Designed to ensure proper biomechanics, the Biodex Sit2Stand Trainer is ideal for strengthening the muscles associated with rising from a seated position…

  • Assistance Selector – An exclusive Biodex design that provides graded concentric and eccentric exercise throughout the sit-to-stand motion. The system also provides the option to perform gentle, progressive plyometrics for developing fast-twitch fibers which are so important for older adults.
  • One-Touch Assist Control – Provides 15 levels of weight-bearing assistance ranging from 5 lb to 250 lb.
  • Contoured Seat with Supporting Backrest – The large, comfortable seat articulates naturally to correspond with pelvic tilt during the sit-to-stand motion.
  • Wheelchair Accessible – The specially designed platform safely accommodates patient transfers.
  • Arm Supports – Contribute to upper extremity strengthening and can be moved out of the way for easy on/off access.
  • Adjustable Seat Height – Seat height is fully adjustable to suit varying patient leg length and height, hip movement and orthopedic conditions.
  • Indexed Foot Base – A foot placement grid provides clear reference for therapists to easily communicate and continually repeat correct foot positioning.
  • Retractable Stabilization Belt – The fully adjustable belt provides a secure environment for patients with limited torso control.
  • Range-of-Motion Limiter – Allows for two starting positions to accommodate users with limited range of motion.


Easy to use with conveniently located adjustment levers for seat height and assistance, and biomechanically positioned arm supports. Wellness members can utilize the device with minimal supervision, strengthening both upper and lower extremities, important for maintaining independence.

Physical Rehabilitation

Provides a safe setting for a patient to move through the seated to standing motions, either independently or with a therapist’s guidance. By repeating the motions, a patient builds both lower and upper-body muscular strength and endurance, improves flexibility and ultimately gains independence.

The Biodex Sit2Stand Trainer Helps You to Help Them.
When the patient rises, the Assist Force Adjustment System provides graded concentric and eccentric assistance in a manner that reinforces the three phases of sit-to-stand motion.4Trunk flexion – the momentum allows for a weight transfer to initiate the lift off.Lift off and extension – pelvis moves from an anterior to posterior tilt, and the lower extremity extensor muscles of the ankle, knee and hip are all progressively engaged as needed by the counterforce.Stabilization – reach a stable, upright position.


4 Schenkman M, et al. Whole-body movements during rising to standing from sitting.
Phys Ther. 1990;70: 638-65

Who will benefit from the Biodex Sit2Stand™ Trainer…

Ideal for strengthening the lower extremities of weakened, older, or sedentary patients/residents, or for cardiac rehabilitation, where standing from a seated position without reliance on the upper extremities is crucial.

  • Independent Living Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Wellness Centers
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers


Biodex Sit2Stand Provides Accommodating Assistance
The assistance profile of the Biodex Sit2Stand corresponds with the sit-to-stand force output providing more assistance where one is weaker, and less assistance where one is stronger.


  • Dimensions: 31.75″ w x 51″ deep x 52″ h (83 x 125 x 132 cm)
  • Seat Height:
    Adjustable: Seven preset increments accommodate patients of various heights.
    Seated Height: 18.5″
  • User Capacity: 350 lb (159 kg)
  • Weight: 147 lb (66 kg)
  • Assistance Range: 45 lb to 250 lb
  • Warranty: one year parts and labor

To order, call 1-800-224-6339

950-560Sit2Stand™ Squat-Assist Trainer
Includes Stabilization Belt

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