Peripheral Neuropathy Program

Help Peripheral Neuropathy patients “Regain Their Center” with balance assessment and training

Peripheral Neuropathy patients “Regain Their Center” with balance assessment and training

Our Balance Assessment and Training Program can help “regain their center”, rebuild core strength, and improve balance and mobility for Peripheral Neuropathy patients.​

A simple fall can change everything. Peripheral neuropathy patients with extremity numbness are in a high risk category; our Balance Assessment and Training Program can help them “regain their center” and rebuild the core strength necessary to mitigate a fall and improve balance and mobility. Beyond peripheral neuropathy, balance assessment and training is suitable for any patient considered at risk to fall.

The Program
The structured balance assessment and training program addresses areas associated with peripheral neuropathy which affect balance and increase the risk of fall. Balance is controlled by a complex combination of visual, muscular and neurologic systems. Testing and appropriate exercise will improve an individual’s ability to remain upright under challenging conditions.

Balance Assessment
Balance Assessment is conducted on the Biodex Balance System SD. Initial tests and measures are used early on to establish baseline status, providing a means to quantify changes over the course of care. Utilizing normative data, a potential problem can be identified in just two minutes by comparing balance test results to an age-matched healthy population.

Balance Training
A specific exercise program is designed based on functional and impairment levels. Physical therapy procedures and  techniques, including balance training, are planned to improve, enhance and  maximize function and produce changes in condition. Objective reports are generated summarizing results of the training, including a comparison to baseline to manage progress.

Peripheral neuropathy – often subclinical.
The Neuropathy Association estimates that 20 million Americans suffer from this condition.

  • 8-9% of Medicare recipients have peripheral neuropathy as their primary or secondary diagnosis.
  • Once incorrectly considered a characteristic of “normal aging,” peripheral neuropathy is increasing most sharply as a primary discharge diagnosis in individuals with diabetes < 45 years of age.
  • Symptoms of large fiber neuropathy include numbness, tingling, weakness and loss of deep reflexes. By contrast, symptoms of small fiber neuropathy – e.g. in the feet – include physically and emotionally distressing pain.
  • Patients can mask neuropathy loss of proprioception with visual/vestibular senses – but darkness and aging can put them at risk of fall, and slowing of reflexes can also contribute to fall risk.

Biodex is committed to helping drive referrals to your facility by providing clinical and business support. When you invest in the Biodex Balance System SD, you gain access to a series of marketing materials and sample communications to assist you with physician and patient education as well as community outreach to increase awareness and build your Balance Assessment and Training Program for Peripheral Neuropathy.

Balance Assessment and Training Program for Peripheral Neuropathy

Easy to follow and use with:

  • Physician Education Materials
  • Patient Recruitment Materials
  • Advertising and Press Release Samples

Community Outreach

Designed to educate older persons and family members on the benefits of screening for potential risk of falling associated with peripheral neuroapthy. Insert your facility information and place brochures in referring physician offices in the community.

Patient Recruitment Material

Generate awareness within your facility or community. The colorful poster and brochure regale the benefits of the Balance Assessment and Training Program for Peripheral Neuropathy to patients and family members.

Physician Education Materials

Materials include customizable flyer and sample letters to referring physicians.

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950-440  |  Balance System SD  | 15.6″ Dispay 115 VAC

Includes Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program, printer, printer stand and CTSIB Indexed Pad.


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