Parkinson’s Disease Program

Help patients with Parkinson’s disease improve ambulation, increase function and reduce the risk of fall


Help patients with Parkinson’s disease improve ambulation, increase function and reduce the risk of fall

Locomotor disturbance is among the early signs of Parkinson’s disease. As the disease progresses, there is an increased risk of falling. Biodex offers effective rehabilitation to address fall risk as well as balance & mobility to strengthen patients either pre- or post-incident. Through the use of Biodex technology patients with Parkinson’s disease can improve their confidence in home and community ambulation, and may reduce the risk of serious injury due to falls.

Become the ‘provider of choice’ to optimally serve this growing population

Patients with Parkinson’s disease represent a wide ranging opportunity for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation service providers. Biodex technology can help set your clinic apart – making it attractive to ACOs, hospitals, doctors, patients and their families.

Improve outcomes and reduce the time and costs necessary to operate profitably

Maintain reimbursement fees through objective documentation

Ensure patient engagement and satisfaction of care with intuitive, interactive software

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Learn how the right technology can transform movement.

According to the Parkinson’s Foundation, Parkinson’s disease affects 1 million people in the United States and 10 million worldwide.

  • 60,000 new cases are reported annually. These figures are expected to increase as the average age of the population increases.
  • Both prevalence and incidence of Parkinson’s disease increase with advancing age.
    • Rates are very low in people under 40 and rise among people in their 70s and 80s.
    • The disorder appears to be slightly more common in men than women.
  • Nearly 70% of people with Parkinson’s disease experience a fall; 15% of those falls result in fracture.
    Intense exercise can slow the progression of Parkinson’s symptoms.

Committed to helping you improve patient care and drive referrals to your clinic, Biodex extends value beyond the product with lead generation materials. To help you succeed, and differentiate your practice, marketing support materials are available for customers of our Gait Trainer 3 and Music-Assisted Therapy package.

These educational and promotional assets will help you educate physicians, patients and community members on how this enhanced gait training technology supports better, faster outcomes for patients with movement disorders.

Marketing Support Guide

This comprehensive guide teaches you step-by-step how to use Biodex marketing materials and other resources to identify, target and connect with referring physicians and patients in your community.

Physician Education Materials

Showing research supporting a breakthrough therapy is key to attaining buy-in from neurologists and primary care physicians. Biodex offers a series of marketing tools that summarize relevant science behind music-enhanced gait training for Parkinson’s.

Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Education Materials

Resident retention and cost savings are major concerns for assisted living facilities. Biodex offers tools for connecting with ALF administrators and educating on the effective, Medicare reimbursable therapy you provide.

Community Referral Materials

Biodex offers marketing materials to help you build community awareness about your clinic’s new technology. With the right exposure, patients and their families may start requesting the unique services you offer.

The Biodex Balance System SD is a multifunction diagnostic and therapeutic instrument used in thousands of clinics around the globe. Many therapists have determined that the balance issues characteristic of Parkinson’s disease can be more easily and accurately identified and documented through the use of the multiple training and testing modes available on the Biodex Balance System SD. Balance exercise and training can improve postural stability and reduce fall risk.

(option with Balance System SD)
Vibrotactile cueing provides a means to enhance postural control with eyes closed and improve balance rehabilitation by directly engaging the motor-learning system, promotes neuroplasticity, and providing sensory enrichment to therapy tasks.

The Biodex Sit2Stand™ Squat-Assist Trainer guides patients through the seated to standing motion in a safe environment. Through repetition a patient builds both lower- and upper-body muscule strength and endurance, improves flexibility and ideally achieves functional gains. Patients with low force production and hypokinesia can learn to improve force in a functional task and improve dopamine release and enhanced expectancies.

The BioStep 2 can be used as an alternative exercise option to treadmill walking. The upper- and lower-extremity zero-impact exercise loosens characteristically tight muscles, which may help a person with Parkinson’s disease ambulate easier and freer, without tiring.

Proven to be very effective for MS and Parkinson’s disease, the motion training of medBike helps loosen and strengthen muscles, and reduce spasticity. Research has shown that some people with Parkinson’s disease can benefit by exercising in the Pedal Assisted Mode at the higher rpm levels that the medBike can offer, up to 90 rpm. The Continuous Control System avoids overstraining the lower- and upper-leg muscles, creating safe exercise conditions.

The Gait Trainer 3 differs from an ordinary treadmill with its specialized rehabilitation design for patients with neurological involvement such as those with Parkinson’s. The instrumented deck monitors and records step length, step speed and step symmetry – all gait factors that must be corrected in Parkinson’s disease if patients are to reduce their risk of fall. Patients are motivated by real-time audio and visual biofeedback, keeping them on target in each phase of rehabilitation. Summary reports are available to track progress and document outcomes.

Those with significant instability due to Parkinson’s disease or have injuries as a result of a fall can benefit from body-weight support provided by the Biodex Unweighing System. Body weight-supported treadmill training (BWSTT) has demonstrated beneficial in many studies of patients with Parkinson’s disease.

The Biodex FreeStep SAS is an overhead track and harness system that provides a safe ambulation environment for both therapist and patient. The FreeStep facilitates enhanced medical rehabilitation (EMR) and promotes Reactive Balance Training, allowing patients to purposely fall to prepare for risks during ADLs and learn to fall the correct way to avoid injury.