60+ Years
& Counting

Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. services medical professionals by aiding in the use of science and technology to drive treatment innovation.

The Biodex™ mission is to provide innovative solutions and customer-driven support to medical facilities and wellness centers around the globe.

Every Biodex decision is driven by customer satisfaction, as we strive to keep our customers at the forefront of the art and science of medicine.  It all begins with our belief in science-based solutions. Once the Biodex development team isolates a problem or requirement in the field we begin exploring possible responses. After a review of the literature and feedback from field luminaries, our engineers use cutting-edge technology to create products that are exceptionally functional, durable and user friendly.

Continuing Our Tradition
of Excellence

If you are an existing Biodex customer, we thank you for your support and promise to continue to provide the exceptional products you and your patients rely on.

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If you are a new customer, we invite you to try our products and realize they are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards.

Having passed a design review and rigorous  testing, Biodex products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Shirley, New York (USA).
Our manufacturing team follows strict quality control guidelines in making each item ready for use. Biodex is certified for ISO 13485:2016.


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