Separate yourself from the competition by demonstrating your rehabilitation capabilities with advanced Biodex technology for an array of populations.

Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning

Our Balance Assessment and Training Program can help “regain their center,” rebuild core strength, and improve balance and mobility for Peripheral Neuropathy patients.

Reduce falls and improve balance. The Biodex Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program is used to identify potential fall candidates, improve balance, and foster independence.

Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM)

Discover how implementing the right technology can assist you in meeting PDPM requirements.

The Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is a case-mix classification system that has been implemented for skilled nursing patients. This innovative approach to reimbursement shifts the focus from therapy minutes to prioritizing improved patient outcomes as the basis for payment.


Enhancing balance, strength, cardiovascular health, overall well-being, and confidence.

Staying healthy, in the many dimensions of wellness, is what gives quality to life. The age group 85 and older has become the fastest growing segment, and they are living longer.

Sports Medicine Solutions

Biodex technology provides objective measures and targeted exercise to help manage common sports injuries and determine safe return-to-play.

Neurological Involvement

Neuroplasticity serves as a fundamental basis for the rehabilitation approaches employed in cases of neurological disorders, including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Safe Patient Handling & Mobility

Prioritizing the safety and well-being of therapists, rehabilitation nurses, caregivers, and visiting family members who may be involved in lifting or supporting patients.

Biodex safe patient handling & mobility devices promote rehabilitation and facilitate functional recovery – while maintaining safe conditions.

Senior Living & Rehab

Position your facility as the leading expert in senior living and rehabilitation services.

The range of Biodex balance and mobility products and programs is designed to tackle age-related conditions by enhancing mobility, reducing the risk of falls, enhancing balance, developing muscle tone, and improving agility.