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Our Balance Assessment and Training Program can help “regain their center”, rebuild core strength, and improve balance and mobility for Peripheral Neuropathy patients.

Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program

Help patients thrive and attract older adult community members… with Fall Risk Screening & Balance Exercise

Reduce Falls and Improve Balance
Falls are one of the greatest causes of serious health problems among older adults. Biodex offers a Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program that allows patients and residents to begin the program with data-driven goals. The easy to understand feedback keeps people motivated to improve their results.

The program and associated technology, will not only help reduce a patient’s risk of falling, but can be used to rehabilitate total hip and knee replacement, as well as a wide array of orthopedic and neurological conditions and generally improve overall mobility.

The Program
The Biodex Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program is based on well-established science and uses technology to create an objective and efficient program. Modifying the factors that lead to falls will increase mobility and confidence, both crucial to maintaining personal independence.

The program is a simple combination of risk-factor screening including analytical balance testing in conjunction with universally accepted normative data and medical protocols. If a patient is found to be at risk of falling, there is an array of interventions and exercises that can help restore balance and reduce the risk. Intervention is supported by patient education and exercise plans. Biodex supports intervention with patient education and exercise plans.

Balance Assessment
The Balance System SD can identify a potential problem in just two minutes. The Biodex Fall Risk protocol of balance exercise will improve an individual’s ability to remain upright under challenging conditions.

Lower Body Strength
Strength is a critical contributor for a rapid response to a balance disturbance. Testing will identify weakness and, if necessary, exercise will significantly improve lower body strength.

Gait and Endurance
Independence is directly related to walking speed. Older adults typically display a slower walking speed, with shorter steps, varied in length. These are all factors related to falls. Senior safe exercise equipment, such as the Biodex BioStep, can help strengthen and build endurance of muscles; specifically those associated with ambulation.

Objective Documentation – Click Here
Objective reporting is a marked distinction with the Biodex Balance System SD – necessary in this changing environment – allowing you to justify need, demonstrate progress and accurately report outcome.

With the population aging, the rate of fall-related injury or death is a growing concern. Studies show balance, gait, strength and flexibility training not only help improve mobility and confidence, but help reduce the risk of falling. The Balance System™ SD adds objectivity to assessment and training that will help keep seniors on their feet.

Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning

Biodex is committed to helping drive referrals to your facility by providing clinical and business support. When you invest in the Biodex Balance System SD, you gain access to a series of marketing materials and sample communications to assist you with physician and patient education as well as community outreach to increase awareness and build your Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program.

Community Outreach
Designed to educate older persons and family members on the benefits of screening for potential risk of falling. Adhere your own facility label and place brochures in referring physician offices in the community.

Patient Recruitment Material
Generate awareness within your facility or community. These colorful posters regale the benefits of fall screening to patients and family members.

Physician Education Materials
Materials include customizable flyer and sample letters to referring physicians.

Discharge Planner Outreach Material
Materials include sample letter and pamphlets.

Balance Challenge
Biodex offers a six-week Balance Challenge to help attract older adults to a fall risk program. Designed to improve balance and mobility, the challenge takes members through a series of progressive exercises. Objective results show progress in numbers from beginning to end.

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950-440  |  Balance System SD  | 15.6″ Dispay 115 VAC

Includes Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program, printer, printer stand and CTSIB Indexed Pad.


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