Biodex offers concussion, fall screening and balance assessment and training programs designed to complement the Balance System SD and BioSway diagnostic units. Physical therapy and rehabilitation products are vital components in the treatment of balance disorders and neurological disorders.

Parkinson’s Disease Program

Help patients with Parkinson’s disease improve ambulation, increase function and reduce the risk of fall. With more than 60,000 new Parkinson’s disease cases reported annually, Biodex Balance & Mobility devices can help this growing, and underserved population. Intense exercise has been shown to slow the progression of symptoms.

Peripheral Neuropathy Program

Individuals who suffer from peripheral neuropathy and experience numbness in their extremities are highly susceptible to falls, which can have life-altering consequences. To address this issue, our Balance Assessment and Training Program offers a solution for these patients to restore their equilibrium and enhance core strength. By participating in this program, individuals can mitigate the risk of falling and improve both their balance and overall mobility.

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Balance Assessment for Concussion Management

Balance Assessment provides a crucial, objective neurophysical component for the effective management of concussions. This innovative tool allows clinicians to accurately measure and assess the various elements of balance both before and after an injury takes place. By quantifying these factors, healthcare professionals can better track progress and make informed decisions regarding treatment and rehabilitation.

Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program

Among older adults, falls are a significant contributor to severe health issues. Biodex provides a Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program that empowers patients and residents to set data-informed objectives at the start of the program. The user-friendly feedback system serves as a source of motivation for individuals to strive for continuous improvement in their outcomes.

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