Balance Games

Single- and dual-tasking games, available for Biodex balance technology.

Think games are just child’s play?
Think again.

Games are increasingly used in rehab therapy as an interactive way to motivate patients of all ages, and drive better outcomes. Now, single- and dual-task gaming options for Biodex balance technology help you maximize patient benefits.

Interactive Training for Biodex Balance Devices
Add greater challenge to gameplay using the unstable foam surface on the BioSway’s static platform. Or, take balance training to a whole new level with the dynamic platform of the Balance System SD.

It’s not all fun and games. We take balance seriously… shouldn’t you?
Biodex balance technology gives you more for your investment – tracking balance progress and quantifying outcome.

Focus on exercise that challenges balance control, while gaming encourages repetition and motor learning.

Training of Balance Under Single- and Dual-Task Conditions in Older Adults With Balance Impairment

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Catch Game

Move the avatar with weight shifts to catch the digital ball. Patients train with random throws, or in a pattern to enhance motor control.

  • Encourage patient to extend beyond their base of support. Motor control trial can spark friendly patient competitions.


Reduce fall risk with dual tasking that challenges motor and cognitive function to improve gross motor performance.

Ball Maze Word Search
Use gravity to move a ball through the maze while training degree of sway. As patient’s weight shifts on the platform, the 3D maze tilts in the same direction.

  • Customize difficulty by adjusting gravity strength and maze level.
  • Timed trials show improvement as they work to beat their time, or another patient’s!
Highlight hidden words on the screen by shifting weight on the platform.

  • Generate puzzles based on number of words, word length and grid size.
  • Highlighting words trains balance control in varying planes.

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