Safe Patient Handling & Mobility

Prioritizing the safety and well-being of therapists, rehabilitation nurses, caregivers, and visiting family members who may be involved in lifting or supporting patients.

Safe Patient Handling & Mobility

Protect Staff and Patients from Injury

While essential to invest in equipment and training to prevent patient falls, it is equally important to protect therapists, rehabilitation nurses, caregivers and visiting family from injury when lifting or supporting a patient.

Biodex safe patient handling & mobility devices promote rehabilitation and facilitate functional recovery – while maintaining safe conditions.

Benefits to Your Facility

  • Protect well-being of valued employees and reduce staff turnover
  • Avoid costly downtime and workers’ compensation claims
  • Raise patient engagement in activities
  • Attract patients with superior equipment and safe environment

Study: Link Between Safe Patient Handling and Patient Outcomes in Long Term Care
Learn more about the relationship between safe patient handling and quality of care measures.
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The numbers don’t lie…
Safe Patient Handling & Mobility equipment and technology promotes not just safety, but faster recovery. See our infographic for the facts.


Used to help therapists, nurses and caregivers work with patients who have difficulty with ambulation; Mobility Assist™ is a motorized stand-assist device and walker in one. Supporting correct biomechanics, patients are upraised from a seated to standing position while in a safety harness.

The Biodex NxStep™ Unweighing System enables partial weight-bearing therapy with open access to the patient. 

Biodex FreeStep SAS is an overhead track and harness system that provides a safe ambulation environment for both therapist and patient. Without the fear of falling, patients can focus more fully on their tasks of gait and balance.