Patient Data Collection Software Utility v2.0.2

A Windows-based program for Balance System, BioSway and Gait Trainer to facilitate download and transfer of patient data for unlimited storage capacity and normative data analysis.

Complimentary Software

Patient Data Collection Utility Software – Facilitates download and transfer of patient data which allows for unlimited storage capacity. Results can be exported as a .csv file to create normative data. Balance System and Gait Trainer results can be viewed and printed from a compatible computer. The patient test files can be shared between computers. Results can be printed and can also be stored as PDFs using third-party pdf software. The patient data is easily transferred from the Gait Trainer, Balance System or BioSway display via USB flash drive or a serial interface for products with the 12″ Win CE displays. Biodex provides this value-added software at no charge.

For download instructions and User’s Guide, please click the manuals tab above.

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