Why Purchase a Biodex Table?

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When you purchase a piece of capital equipment it is an investment. An investment you hope will bring revenue in and pay for itself many times over. When making a purchase investment in a piece of equipment you need to do your due diligence first. Investigate the product, its manufacturer and their customers to determine if this is the purchasing path you should take.

Does the product have the features that make the most sense for its intended use? Does it meet the guidelines of use set forth by the staff using it? Does the product have features you are paying for that will not be used? The C-arm table product line from Biodex has many different models to choose from. This gives the purchaser the opportunity to select the right table for the job. You don’t want to over pay for features not necessary or miss features that are critical to its use. Don’t just look at the obvious features, such as table movements and patient capacity. Look at the construction features; remember this is a long-term investment.

How is that table constructed? Are the electronic and moving parts exposed or is there a closed system? How is the base constructed? Is it counter balanced to prevent tipping? How heavy is the overall table? Can it be easily moved from one area to another or does it take a team of people to move it to a new location? The answers to these questions are what make an investment a wise one or not. Biodex tables are designed with features that insure a trouble-free long life of service.

How well do you know the manufacturer? Does the company have a long history of providing quality products and services? Is the company regarded in the industry as a leader and innovator? Do they stand behind all the products and services they provide? Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. has been around since 1947 providing innovative high quality products. As an industry leader Biodex is well respected in its ability to be an industry problem solver and a provider of products that help customers achieve their goals.

Give a call to a company’s customers. Find out from the people who use the product as to how it has performed for them. How do they rate the quality of the feature? If service is needed how does the company respond? Can you speak with a human or do you just spend time communicating with a machine?

If you follow these guidelines, the next time you make a purchase you will find that Biodex is one company that is always on top. Make the most of your investment dollars by following these suggestions and checking out Biodex.