UE Hemiparetic Attachments

When incorporated into a rehabilitation program, the lightweight, carbon fiber attachments promote neuro recovery and improve strength, accommodating the impaired grasp associated with hemiplegia.

Physical impairments cause functional deficits

Upper extremity hemiparesis is a persistent physical impairment that affects the motor control system, often limiting independence.  Prominent manifestations of compromised motor control include:

  • Impaired intersegmental coordination
  • Hyperreflexia or spasticity
  • Weakness

Current methods of rehabilitation overlook upper extremity weakness

Weakness results primarily from disorganized neuro-motor output and is one of the most significant post-stroke impairments.  In fact, weakness plays more of a role than traditionally believed and contributes directly to compromised, post-stroke motor function.

Strength Training Lack of proper strength training underserves the patient

Typical strengthening approaches use resistance bands such as TheraBand™. Unfortunately, because this method does not ensure sufficient intensity or progression of the strengthening activities required to achieve necessary overload, hemiparetic patients seldom show improved function. In addition, trunk stabilization is often not properly addressed, which promotes compensatory movement patterns.


It’s important to note that neither high exertion nor resistance training exacerbates spasticity.  Therapeutic outcomes are improved when the motor capacity is enhanced prior to engaging in repetitive task practice.

  • Shoulder patterns – promotes desired musculoskeletal joint kinetics, reducing risk of shoulder impingement-type symptoms
  • Wrist and elbow patterns – are executed in a non-gravity dependent plane to accommodate the low strength typical of hemiparetic patients
  • Integrated ROM stop and lock knob – allows the same attachments to be used for right and left side, without having to remove from dynamometer head
  • Gripless designs – accommodate weakness
  • Soft and gentle straps and pads – for sensitive skin
  • Lightweight and durable – constructed of
    carbon fiber

Advantages of carbon-fiber composite:

  • Approximately five times lighter than stainless steel.
  • Proven biocompatibility suppresses the risk of allergic reactions caused by the release of metal ions.
  • Pleasant to the touch.

To order, call 1-800-224-6339

830-540UE Hemiparetic Attachments
Set includes the following:

Attachment for Patterns:
• Extension/Flexion (Shoulder)
• Abduction/Adduction (Shoulder)

Attachment for Patterns:
• Internal/External Rotation (Shoulder)
• Extension/Flexion (Elbow)

Attachment for Patterns:
• Extension/Flexion (Wrist)

Biodex Upper Extremity Hemiparetic Attachments are compatible with Biodex System 3 and System 4, Pro, MVP and Quick-Set models.

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