Advantage BX™ Software

Version 5.3 now available

Biodex™ Advantage BX software offers a streamlined, intuitive experience for the System 4 Dynamometer so you can capture and document every stage of the rehabilitation process. The modern interface provides users of the Biodex System 4 with efficient functionality and intuitive navigation.

Return-to-Play Reports

Biodex introduces the first-ever reports for ACL and hamstring return to play. Results can be understood at a glance with clear pass/fail for each test throughout the athlete’s recovery. Grounded in the latest research and supported by a panel of field experts, these unique reports clearly communicate test results to patients and referring physicians, adding confidence to the RTP decision.


  • NEW Return-to-Play Report for Hamstrings
  • NEW Specialized Built-in Hamstring protocols
  • Return-to-Play Report for ACL
  • NEW Linked Protocols
      • Perform up to ten consecutive protocols using different modes
      • Save settings for individual Linked Protocols for easy repetition
  • NEW Curve Analysis
  • NEW Data Management Capabilities
      • NEW Create multiple databases and switch between them to develop separate data sets for specific research purposes
      • Easily share test data and custom protocols between Dynamometers running Advantage BX
      • Export both single and multiple test data with comprehensive metrics and raw data for use with third party tools
      • Import existing patient lists into Advantage BX
      • SQL database with easy access to patient data and reports
  • NEW Perform closed chain operations
  • Fresh, modern interface with intuitive navigation
  • Guides you step by step through protocol-based activities
  • Quick Start and Repeat Activity options
  • Ability to store and pin frequently used activities
  • Create custom protocols on the fly
  • Fast access to training mode
  • Integrated analog/EMG output signal scaling

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Setting up a Protocol Based Activity (Knee)
Setting up a Protocol Based Activity (Knee)
Setting the Range of Motion (Knee)
Setting the Range of Motion (Knee)
Performing a two-speed isokinetic Protocol Based Activity (knee)
Performing a two-speed isokinetic protocol based activity on the knee
Setting up a Linked Protocol
Setting up a Linked Protocol
Curve Analysis
Curve Analysis
Integrated Data Management capabilities
Integrated Data Management capabilities