NEW BioStep™ 2 remains naturally smooth…and positively effective!

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The World’s First Semi-Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer, Just Got Better!

Shirley, NY, June 7, 2012—Biodex has redesigned their semi-recumbent elliptical cross trainer, recently re-introduced as the NEW BioStep 2 with exceptional ergonomic comfort. Its low-impact elliptical motion reduces the jarring start/stop direction change often associated with other recumbent steppers, eliminating the need for users to lift or strike their feet on the footplate.  Pivoting hand grips and articulating footplates add to the comfort while strengthening the primary muscles associated with balance, gait and mobility. BioStep 2 is simple to use, requires minimal supervision and allows exercise to progress at a natural pace.

“The BioStep 2 has been one of the most successful pieces of equipment in our fitness centers,” states Lisa Bloder, Wellness Coordinator of Westminster Services, Florida. “The smooth movement makes it easy for anyone to use, while providing a great upper and lower body workout. Residents have been able to use the BioStep 2 even when they have been unable to use any other piece of equipment – and their results have been outstanding.”

Articulating Footplates
The new articulating footplates generate an even, sustained contraction of primary muscles and promote the natural movements of gait.  The motion and articulating footplates of the BioStep 2 provides significantly more Tibialis Anterior activity throughout all of the range of motion.  The Tibialis Anterior is the prime mover for the Dorsiflexion needed to raise the foot during walking. An impaired Tibialis Anterior contributes to foot drop.

Pivoting Hand Grips

The pivoting hand drips are safe and effective for avoiding wrist impingement overuse injuries. They allow the wrist to maintain a comfortable, natural wrist position which is so important in therapeutic and senior rehab.

Advanced Stabilization Accessories
Patients with neurological and musculoskeletal issues commonly present with decreased strength, proprioception and kinesthetic awareness deficiencies or edema. An inferior exercise experience and even overuse injuries can occur when improper foot motion occurs repeatedly while pedaling for extended periods of time. Biodex offers advanced stabilization accessories to meet their challenge. The fluid, elliptical motion is forgiving on the knees, ankles, hips and lower back… providing a natural closed-chain low impact functional exercise.

With its feature-rich design, the versatile and durable BioStep 2 can accommodate a wide variety of user profiles including orthopedic, neurorehabiliation, cardiopulmonary, sports medicine, wellness and general strengthening and conditioning programs for any age group

  • Work range of up to 600 watts (120 rpm) with 20 resistance settings supports users at all levels from weak, deconditioned, or post-operative patients to highly conditioned athletes
  • Indexed track with extensive front-to-back adjustment allows correct biomechanical positioning for users from 4 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 10 inches in height and weighing up to 500 pounds
  • Adjustable arms accommodate a wide range of upper extremity motions
  • Ergonomic step-through design with seat rotation for easy access – even for those with limited mobility
  • Contoured seat with lumbar support to ensure user comfort
  • Quick-start operation to enable users to begin exercising immediately
  • Easy-to-read, configurable LED display with accurate data reporting in real-time provides immediate user biofeedback for increased motivation and compliance
  • Heart-rate monitoring using dual contact hand grips or via the compatible Polar chest strap telemetry.
  • Self-powered, self-charging, cordless capability for use in any environment, even out-of-doors

To learn more about the Biodex BioStep 2, contact Biodex directly at 1 800-224-6339 (Int’l 631-924-9000), visit our website,, or email us at

About Biodex
Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. manufactures and distributes medical devices and related replacement parts for physical medicine, nuclear medicine, and medical imaging applications. It also provides programs for concussion management as well as fall risk screening and conditioning.  Biodex has been supporting customers with innovative products and service excellence for more than 60 years.


A research study was conducted by Stony Brook University — Rehabilitation Research and Movement Performance Laboratory.  They compared the kinematics and muscle activation between the BioStep 2 and a popular recumbent linear stepper.   The results showed that the BioStep 2 provides a more sustained hamstring EMG activity throughout the Range of motion.

The Benefit – More Sustained Knee Stabilization

In addition, the BioStep 2 provides significantly more Tibialis Anterior activity throughout all ROM. TA is prime Mover for Dorsiflexion and Inversion and is needed to Raise Foot during walking.  (Impaired TA = footdrop)

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