Just Opened: Linwood Physical Therapy Center Keeps Patients Coming Back

Body in Balance combines physical therapy and fitness to maximize functional independence and maintain a high quality of life well beyond the therapy period.

I’m a board-certified geriatric specialist. My focus is on balance and making sure clients can stay in their homes and remain independent in the community.

I’m also certified in scoliosis rehabilitation, in the Schroth method. That involves minimizing the impact of the curvature of the spine so we can prevent young adolescents who have growth spurts from needing surgery.

We also offer a concussion program. This is through the Biodex machine, which helps the doctor determine when the young athlete can return to the sport.

For less than a dollar a day, patients done with physical therapy can become clients and continue their exercises with the fitness center.

Most people forget their exercises when they’re done with their physical therapy. By coming here a few times a week, they can maintain their strength and independence.

I also have a woman who has just been certified in geriatric Zumba, and I’ll also be offering Tai Chi for older adults.

We also offer Pilates for rehabilitation. I was trained in New York on that machine, which is used to make sure the muscles work in balance with one another.

Entry: I have a handicapped daughter and I worked with her, and my dad, who had a stroke. I was taking courses to be a nurse while working in a casino and it just veered into physical therapy.

For the last decade, I’ve dedicated my career to geriatric patients, after seeing people have to go into nursing homes when they didn’t keep up with their therapies.

I’ve worked in women’s health and nursing homes and in outpatient physical therapy, and I always wanted to have my own practice.

The challenging part is keeping up with all of the changes in health care, the documentation, billing software, and all the rules and regulations. It’s mind-boggling sometimes.

The future: I’m looking forward to having other physical therapists here as soon as I get busy enough, and possibly offer other forms of therapy. I also want to have Medicare come in and help people decide what help and coverage is best for them.