New Test Can Measure Fall Risk

Everybody takes a nasty spill once in a while.  But when you start spending more time on the ground then you used to it may be more serious then you think.

A new solution at Ozarks Community Hospital will get you stable just in time for the next slick ice storm.

“Its like getting off a merry go round,” says Ralph Kleier. “It was a constant, just a 24-7 deal.”

Last year Ralph Kleier began having major issues with his balance.

“Last October, they took my right side of my ear, they removed everything out of my ear,” says Kleier.  “And they sewed the hole up.  So my balance issue was trying to get the brain to realize my right ear was gone.”

Everything from driving to walking became a problem, until Kleier stumbled upon balance training at the Ozarks Community Hospital in Nixa.

The Biodex System SD features sensors on a platform which hone in on your center of gravity and can analyze your balance weak points.

“Everybody takes a spill every once in a while,” says Kerry Scott, Outpatient Physical Therapist for the Ozarks Community Hospital.  “However if you take frequent falls, 2, 3, 4 falls a year, that is in many cases not normal.”

Balance can be a matter of inner ear issues, age, even sports injuries.  And with the ice setting in during this winter season Kerry says now is the perfect time to get checked.

“I think anybody would be a good candidate to be screened if they feel like their balance is suspect,” says Scott.  “Balance is one of the systems that you can impact for the positive and it does take dedication though.”

It’s dedication that paid of for Ralph who now has a new stance on stability.

“My balance issues they have improved so much,” says Kleier.

The assessment takes one to two hours and officials with the Ozarks Community Hospital say the assessment is covered by insurance.

For more information:  call  417-724-3198 or visit