Hunter Allied Health Division visits Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

Hunter Allied Health Division visits Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

February 16, 2017 – Biodex welcomed more than 20 students and faculty from Hunter Allied Health Division, School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography at its Shirley, NY Corporate Headquarters.

Rich Schubert, Senior Product Sales Manager of Diagnostic Imaging Tables, hosted the group. He provided a demonstration of the Sound Pro Combination and Echo Pro Ultrasound Tables, highlighting the features and benefits and how they relate to the students’ specific area of study.

To help students understand the importance of personal safety, the discussion focused on ergonomics and scanning. One student asked the question of the day, “With ergonomics being the hot topic, why is there such resistance to purchasing a table?” Good one. That’s our question, too. Mr. Schubert explained that facilities simply don’t understand that the cost of an ergonomic ultrasound table is such a small investment when compared to the cost of sonographer injury, potential downtime, or Workers’ Compensation claims. The issue of musculoskeletal injury is a real and daily threat and could be easily prevented with an ergonomically designed table that meets SDMS guidelines.

While providing a tour of the corporate facilities and the manufacturing area, Mr. Schubert explained the Biodex lean manufacturing philosophy and the benefits it has brought to Biodex and the market as a whole.

“It was a pleasure to have the group visit our facilities. Our goal is to aid in educating the next generation of sonographers and provide them with an in-depth knowledge of products available as they embark on their new career path,” states Rich Schubert.

A few of the students had a hands-on opportunity to familiarize themselves with the table functions. Each of the students was provided with a copy of the Biodex “Scanning Ergonomics and Your Safety” video.