Choosing the Best C-Arm Table for 3D Imaging

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C-Arm Table Made for 3D Imaging

In recent years, 3D C-arm imaging has been gaining traction for providing improved visualization for laparoscopic proficiency. The development of 3D imaging in C-arm imaging has brought needed depth perception to a host of surgical specialties. While the technology may not have caught on as rapidly as high-definition resolution, there are strong prospects for 3D imaging’s widespread adoption. Those who choose to invest in this imaging technology will benefit from choosing a C-arm table designed specifically for 3D imaging.

Studies Show the Benefits of 3D Imaging

A growing number of clinical studies show that 3D imaging can greatly improve surgical outcomes. One particular study compared the impact of two-dimensional (2D) versus three-dimensional (3D) visualization on both objective and subjective measures of laparoscopic performance using the validated Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) skill set. The individuals completed three essential drills from the FLS skill set. Across all tasks – peg transfer, pattern cutting and suturing/knotting – greater speed was achieved in 3D compared to 2D.

The study concluded three-dimensional vision appears to greatly enhance laparoscopic proficiency based on objective and subjective measures. Researchers found that 3D visualization produced no more eye strain, headaches, or other side effects than 2D visualization. Participants overwhelmingly preferred 3D visualization. And physicians were quickly comfortable with the technology and could perform more efficiently and cost-effectively.

C-Arm Table Made for 3D Imaging

As 3D imaging grows in popularity, facilities should consider the importance of using devices suited for this procedure. The Biodex™ 3D Imaging C-Arm Table 820 was designed and equipped for use with 3D C-arm imaging. The table features a narrow, low-attenuation carbon fiber tabletop which is cantilevered to accommodate portable 3D C-arms. The functional design provides complete access with minimal radiation exposure to clinicians. Developed to be used for seed implantation, 3D urology procedures, thoracic/vascular, breast and thorax 3D imaging, and other general C-arm applications, the Biodex Imaging Table 820 adds value to any facility offering 3D imaging.

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Richard Schubert, MPA, BS, RT,[R], [QM]
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