Vonco Medical Helps to Improve Patient Outcomes with the Biodex Balance System SD and Biodex Sit2Stand Trainer

Carrollton, TX — (ReleaseWire) — 04/07/2015 — As one of the nation’s leading providers of Biodex Senior Rehab and Mobility products, the team at Vonco Medical strives to help their more than 7500 customers better understand how leveraging the Biodex product line can help enhance the care of their patients and more importantly provide better patient outcomes. Tyler Oglesby, Sales Manager for Vonco Medical recently stated “Our team at Vonco Medical has years of experience in working with the entire Biodex product line. The products manufactured by Biodex such as the Biodex Balance System SD and their new Biodex Sit2Stand Trainer are truly leading the way when it comes to improving patient mobility and decreasing falls.”

Products such as the Biodex Balance System SD and the new Biodex Sit2Stand Trainer have been strategically designed to help patients increase muscle strength, improve endurance and improve flexibility so that they are better able to handle common daily activities such as rising from a chair.

It is the combination of research, quality manufacturing and the expertise provided by Vonco Medical and their seasoned team of sales and service personnel that help make Biodex a winning solution for physical therapy clinics and nursing homes alike.

About Vonco Medical
was founded by Steve, Spence and Stan Von Strohe in 1990. The Vonco sales team has combined over 100 years sales experience combined with reps nationwide. Vonco’s philosophy is that customers should be treated more like family than numbers in a sales ledger. This may be the reason more than 7,500 rehabilitation facilities nationwide call themselves “satisfied customers”. Vonco Medical’s mission is to provide high quality new and refurbished equipment for a great price and unbeatable customer service. As one of the leading independent distributors in the country, we strive to build and equip medical and physical therapy clinics with the highest quality equipment and programs while bringing our family owned positive business atmosphere to every customer.


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