Taking a Stand Against Falls

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In September, Pines of Sarasota announced a new public screening program that can determine an individual’s risk for falls. Falls represent a major health risk, especially in the elderly, and the Pines program is aimed at raising awareness as well as promoting preventive measures.

Three systems in your body contribute to your balance by sensing your position in space: vision, inner ear and proprioceptors in the joints. All of them are affected by age, but with early detection, you can reverse deterioration in a particular area and/or help strengthen the other sensors in order to maintain a safe sense of balance.

Based on your risk, the Pines clinicians will recommend appropriate action to improve balance and avoid untimely falls. By appointment only; visit pinesofsarasota.org to find out more.

Three-part screening:
A questionnaire determines risk factors such as medication, changes in vision, activity level and history of falls.

A TUG test, or “Timed Up and Go,” involves walking 10 feet, turning and walking back.

Three 20-second sessions on a state-of-the-art Biodex System to measure balance and reflexes.