Biodex BioSway
For lightweight, portable balance assessment and training, Biodex offers a multi-purpose therapy device that enables balance testing and conditioning for a wide range of users. The Biodex BioSway is a platform engineered to help anyone – from athletes to senior citizens – to build strength, improve their balance, and develop stability.

Perfect for clinicians and trainers on the go, this portable device is ideal for offsite visits, sideline analysis, health fairs, or for use between facilities. Monitor and compare objective test results to track progress; all while improving proprioception, motor control, and vestibular training.


Biodex Balance System SD takes the guesswork out of diagnosing concussion
Student athletes at Grand Blanc High School are benefitting from the addition of the Balance System SD at Advanced Physical Therapy in Grand Blanc, MI. Prevention and diagnosis of concussion has been shown to be more important than ever. The team at Advanced Physical Therapy is conducting baseline balance tests in order to determine the athletes sway envelope pre-concussion. Comparing post-concussion results to the baseline and using the objective documentation provided by the Balance System SD, allows the therapist to determine the best time to allow the athlete to return to play.


Balance Testing for Concussion using Biodex Technology at Valir Physical Therapy, Oklahoma
Valir Physical Therapy, with 15 clinics across the state of Oklahoma, now offers balance testing for concussion.  Baseline testing is performed on student athletes using the Biodex portable BioSway™.  If an athlete sustains an injury the baseline is used as an objective measurement against post injury testing to determine when an athlete is ready to return to play.


Watching out for Head Injuries this Football Season
Erie, PA – McDowell High School protects and evaluates their student athletes at LECOM’s Medical Fitness & Wellness Center using the Biodex Balance System SD – assessing balance, memory and spatial orientation in the management of concussion. Looking for a clinic in your area using Biodex Balance Assessment? Click here to FIND A CLINIC.


Tracking Concussions with Biodex BioSway
KWTV in Oklahoma reports on how Valir Health is using the Biodex BioSway to assess a student athlete’s balance to get a baseline assessment before a student starts playing a sport.  Later on this same data can be used to determine if a student athlete has suffered a concussion, if it is resolved and if the student is ready to return to play.


Biodex Balance System SD helps monitor
kids’ concussions

Some schools like Colchester High School conduct baseline concussion screening tests for each athlete at the beginning of the school year.  Transitions Physical Therapy in Colchester, VT uses a test that includes a review of symptoms, neuro-cognitive processing and something called a neuro-physical balance assessment, using the Biodex Balance System SD.

American Academy of Pediatrics makes new recommendation about concussions
PA new report states that children should not only be kept off the field, but out of the classroom while recovering from a concussion.


Berlin Physical Therapy Clinic Offers Free Concussion Testing
Berlin Physical Therapy Clinic uses the Biodex Balance System SD to provide student athletes in Delmarva with baseline and post-injury balance testing for the management of Concussion.


Presbyterian Sports Medicine and the Biodex Balance Assessment Program
Presbyterian Sports Medicine introduced the Biodex Balance Assessment Program at their Fourth Annual Competitive Edge Sports Screening Day. Over 200 clinicians and non-clinician volunteer their time and offer a free sports screening for students in the county’s High Schools.


Concerns Over Concussions

With focus on the NFL and more emphasis on keeping athletes safe, there has been an increase in the number of concussions diagnosed. Springfield College Sports Medicine Department is addressing the rising concern of long-term effects of playing football and other collegiate sports by using the Biodex Balance System SD to more accurately measure an athlete’s recovery from a concussion as part of its plan to keep athletes healthy both on the field and after athletics.


Springfield College Uses the Balance System for Concussion Management
The likelihood of an athlete experiencing a concussion while playing football or any other contact sport is on the rise. Springfield College performs baseline testing on every student-athlete using the Biodex Balance System before they are permitted on the field or court. Balance has shown to be the college’s main indicator in determining whether or not a player can return to play. If the post-concussion test results match baseline scores, it’s a good indicator the athlete is ready to return to field.


Concussions as featured on CNN

17-year old Max takes a hit to the head while playing high-school football. One week later he takes another hit; astonishingly he continues to play… until he collapses. Max suffered second impact syndrome – one concussion closely followed by a second concussion before the brain has time to heal.


Concussion Dangers for Young Athletes as featured on CNN

A study has been released stating that young athletes suffering head injuries can risk death returning to action too soon. None of the protective gear worn by athletes can keep you completely safe – a second hit to the head can develop catastrophic swelling. Consider establishing unified standards, for example a sideline exam with a Biodex Balance device, so that it’s not the player’s decision and maybe not even the coaches decision to determine if the athlete should return to play.


Taylor Twellman Says He was ‘Helpless’

October 28, 2011, 4:00am News Services
Former MLS star Taylor Twellman joins OTL to talk about the impact of concussions.