The Biodex BioStep 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical
The NEW BioStep 2 is Biodex’s next generation semi-recumbent elliptical cross trainer offering exceptional ergonomic comfort and quality. Its low-impact elliptical motion reduces jarring impact often associated with other recumbent steppers, eliminating the need for users to lift or strike their feet on the walking surface. The new articulating footplates generate an even, sustained contraction of primary muscles and promote natural movements of gait while new pivoting hand grips allow proper wrist motion.


Pedaling to Recovery after 15 Strokes: Biodex BioStep™ 2 at Emory Brain Health Center
After suffering multiple strokes, Melinda sought therapy at Emory Brain Health Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She regained movement and quality of life with the help of her physical therapist and the Biodex BioStep 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical.


Independence and Community: Biodex BioStep™ 2 at the Tucson JCC
After the loss of his leg, Chuck found renewed health, mobility and independence thanks to the JCC community and exercise on the Biodex BioStep 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical.


Balance & Mobility Exercise for Parkinson’s disease
With more than 60,000 new Parkinson’s disease cases reported annually, Biodex offers a series of integrated Balance & Mobility devices that can help this growing, and underserved population. Intense exercise can help slow the progression of Parkinson’s symptoms.


Emory Brain Health Center Embraces Biodex Technology for Patients with Neurological Involvement
The Emory Brain Health Center in Atlanta is building what it believes will be one of the nation’s leading outpatient rehabilitation centers for patients with neurological diseases and conditions. The heart of this modern center on Atlanta, GA’s Emory University campus is a team of highly experienced therapists equipped with one of the field’s most advanced range-of-technology systems, including the first rhythmic auditory stimulation (RAS) gait systems for clinical use, and the nation’s most extensive FreeStep SAS track systems.


Biodex BioStep Keeps Residents Fit
Providence Place Senior Communities uses the Biodex BioStep Elliptical to keep their residents strong and healthy as well as an incentive for community outreach.


Restoring Ambulation with BioStep Elliptical Exercise
Using the Biodex BioStep improved Viola’s ambulation, changing her wheelchair reliance from almost completely dependent to just 10% of her day.


Rehabilitation for the Parkinson’s Disease Patient
Body In Balance addresses the needs of their Parkinson’s Disease patients using the Biodex Balance System SD, BioStep Elliptical and Gait Trainer 3. Using “Big Step” technique on the Gait Trainer mitigates the standard shuffle. Patient claims “the more I exercise, the less I shake.”