Providing Caring Physical Therapy Pays Dividends

Even though I was brought up in a ‘play-it-safe’ environment, the importance for me to provide real physical therapy and the highest quality of care possible overwhelmed me to the point of going for broke. I purchased a physical therapy practice, bought a new home all while having no contacts with physicians or other referral sources in this area. I had to trust my skill and the power of ‘Word of Mouth.’

I had to trust that the majority of people could recognize the difference between real and caring physical therapy as opposed to therapy packaged to cater to a conveyor-belt mentality of some big conglomerate physical rehab organizations. I wasn’t about to spend the rest of my life having my care limited to 45 to 60 minute sessions for each and every patient. I trusted that people could tell the difference and that trust has truly paid off.

In order to ensure I continue to provide the best care possible, continuing education and obtaining specialized certifications is paramount, even after 20 years of practice; so too is acquiring the right state-of-the art equipment. We provide the most versatile and advanced Spinal Decompression (aka Spinal traction).

This device can be very helpful with various forms of back pain and especially when accompanied with sciatica. Every healthcare/medical practitioner who has this device uses it for the same exact reason. It is covered by your insurance if the healthcare / medical provider calls it Mechanical Traction, it is not covered if it is called Spinal Decompression.

Biodex Balance System SD allows for assessment of balance under various circumstances and allows for unparalleled balance training. It is the missing component in post knee and hip replacement surgery or post lower limb injuries. Various procedures are available for some forms of vertigo as well.

ASTYM is a specialized form of soft tissue treatment which allows for the comprehensive treatment for a variety of tendon problems (e.g., tendonitis, rotator cuff, post-surgical scar tissue formation, other). This treatment has made the difference for many people who were not responding to traditional care.

Active Release Technique is yet another soft tissue treatment option which many patients swear by. We have found it most useful as an adjunct with other therapeutic procedures. Kenesio-Taping & Wet-Pruf taping: Specialized taping procedures which provide a great supportive adjunct to treatment of various orthopedic conditions and injuries.

Keep in mind that many physicians have been bought out by large conglomerates and/or hospitals. It is not unusual for those conglomerates and/or hospitals to contact you via phone to set up your physical therapy appointment sometime after leaving your physician’s office. You do not have to attend physical therapy at these facilities merely because your doctor is associated with them. Insist upon a paper prescription for physical therapy so you can choose where you want to go.

Be sure to come in and speak with me personally so I can apprise you as to how our facility operates.
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