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At Caldwell Therapy Center we are continuously learning ways to better serve and educate our patients and the community. This includes evidence based practice, treatment strategies, and programs designed to accommodate individual needs.


Maintaining a high level of balance and mobility is essential to aging successfully. As physical therapists we are motivated to teach people how to prevent falls and fractures, which can be costly and affect your quality of life. Falls are a major threat to the health and independence of older adults. Falls are not an inevitable consequence of aging, but do occur more often among older adults.

This program, available to individuals or small groups, is designed to teach the public about balance, reducing the risks of falling, and understanding the need to maintain flexibility and strength. Using the well established science of the Biodex Balance System we are able to assess our clients neuromuscular control and design programs to improve their balance, agility and muscle tone. Individual sessions are available to assess your risks factors and evaluate your flexibility and strength. A customized exercise program is then designed to meet your needs.


CALDWELL THERAPY CENTER is now offering athletes, sport teams, schools and recreation departments, a new program for Concussion Management. The program includes Pre-Season Baseline Testing and Post-Injury Assesment for both Neuro-Physical and Neuro-Cognitive Testing.   New requirements and guidelines for athletes at the professional, collegiate and scholastic levels have made Concussion Management an integral part of an athlete’s seasonal preparation.

The program incorporates the  Biodex Concussion Management system along with recognized and accepted computerized cognitie software testing. The program gives athletes and their physicians additional information to help decide whether the post concussion athlete can safely return to play.

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FREE CONSULTATION – Balance & Fall Risk Screening
Caldwell Therapy Center is offering our patients and the community a FREE consultation with trained physical therapist to discuss and find out whether you can benefit from our BALANCE & FALL PREVENTION PROGRAM.

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