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September 26, 2012
Lila Corwin, Vice President, Marketing Communications, Biodex

WNBA Point Guard, Sharnee Zoll, Twittering about her rehabilitation on the Biodex System 4.

It’s not uncommon for us to spot a patient, Twittering about their rehabilitation on the Biodex System 4 – or posting to Facebook, interesting photos of their efforts on our equipment. That never gets old. As a corporation, we always appreciate knowing that our hard work in designing and building medical devices is indeed improving lives, as intended. We spotted Sharnee Zoll online, Point Guard for the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA, and were compelled to learn more. Truth be told, it wasn’t until we were well into our email exchange, discussing her injury and recovery, that Zoll’s true identity was discovered. Her modesty is unexpected. From the beginning of our communications, it is clear that Ms. Zoll exudes a positive outlook, despite her recent injuries, with a deep appreciation for family, friends and fans, turning to God for inspiration. Sharnee Zoll’s basketball career began at the early age of five. She won the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Girls’ Basketball National Championship twice; once at 11 and again at 16. While attending and playing for the University of Virginia Cavaliers from 2004-08, Zoll broke Dawn Staley’s all-time ACC Assist Record of 729, averaging five assists per game, and ending her collegiate career with a whopping 785 assists! (She is still the record holder.) In 2008, one of Zoll’s dreams came true, when she was drafted by the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA, (though waived at the end of training camp). Since then, Zoll has been playing professional basketball internationally for Romania, Turkey and Poland. In March 2012 she re-signed with the Sparks – though heartbreakingly thwarted again. During preseason practices, Zoll sustained a patella subluxation and a torn ACL, which landed her in surgery. Since then, Zoll has been working hard at Select Physical Therapy*, five days a week, eager to get back on the court. When asked about her rehabilitation, Zoll explains “For the ACL repair, my rehab is extremely strenuous. I work extensively on my range of motion. I also work on exercises that help to strengthen the muscles around my knee as well as the ACL itself. My physical therapists work with tools to help prevent scar tissue from forming around my incision. And of course, I work on the Biodex System 4!!” “The System 4 has helped tremendously with the range of motion,” Zoll continues. “My extension (fully straightening my leg) is where it needs to be, however this machine helps to work on the flexion. While it is extremely painful — they always say, “no pain no gain,” so I am gaining a lot!” “It’s unfortunate that Sharnee’ won’t be able to play this season,” Sparks Vice President and General Manager Penny Toler said at the time. “Up until her injury, she was playing really well. We look forward to seeing what she can do next season.” In the meantime, Zoll is writing a weekly blog for the Sparks, titled “Naes Way” (www.wnba.com/sparks), and keeping busy with family, books, word games and her Yorkie, Nekko Norman (who apparently has his own Facebook page). Support from her spouse, family, friends, and “especially her fans” has made all the difference. This injury and rehab process has been physically, spiritually and emotionally taxing”, says Zoll. “Without their help, I would not have the same determination.” A six-month recovery time is expected for Zoll. “I have been out of the game since the middle of May, and each day kills me!” she exclaims. “With prayer and hard work I will be back soon.” Author’s Note: *Sharnee Zoll is receiving her physical therapy on the Biodex System 4 at Select Physical Therapy, Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic, Los Angeles, CA. Follow her progress or just say hello | Twitter #sharneezoll | Facebook Fan Page /sharneezoll Category: