Hope Network Acquires Latest Technology to Address Balance Concerns

Patients at Hope Network’s neuro-rehabilitation campus in Grand Rapids, Michigan now have access to the Biodex Balance System, physical therapy’s latest tool designed to evaluate and treat vertigo, balance, gait disorders, and vestibular losses; symptoms commonly associated with people recovering from brain injury and other neurologic conditions.

“The Biodex Balance System will allow us to test a variety of balance deficits while also identifying treatment options that individuals can pursue to confront those issues,” says Tonya Simon, MSPT, Physical Therapy Department Supervisor at Hope Network. “After utilizing the assessment protocols, the system has six different interactive training modes that can simulate both static and moving environments, depending on what the patient needs. This machine not only allows us to identify a balance issue, but also helps us to develop a plan of treatment that can be carried out on the Biodex equipment itself. It opens up a whole new level of treatment options.”

This Biodex Balance System is also notable for its ability to track progress and treatment outcomes.

“For each patient, we are able to save their balance data each time they use the Biodex system,” says Simon. “With this information we are able to have documented outcomes of a person’s progress toward their goals. This can be an informative tool for us and a motivational tool for our patients.”

Hope Network began trialing the Biodex System in April, which has since become a permanent fixture for both inpatient and outpatient participants at their clinical facility in Grand Rapids. If you or a loved one struggle with balance disorders or other concerns, please contact us to see if the Biodex Balance System would be a viable treatment option for you.