Clone of How the Andersons Found a Path to Home Exercise with medBike® Therapy from Biodex

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When Terry Anderson’s multiple sclerosis progressed to the point of needing more home care, her husband David brought her favorite exercise machine from the clinic to home.

Terry Anderson lives in Rochester, Minnesota with her husband and full-time caregiver, David. Having lived with multiple sclerosis for 39 years, Terry is no stranger to therapy and prescriptive exercise. She has tried several different exercise machines over the years, but recently decided there was one ergometer that suited her needs.

She first used the medBike ergometer at ExercisAbilities, a local non-profit clinic where she received physical and occupational therapy. Specializing in inclusive exercise and movement for people with a wide range of abilities, the clinic is an ideal location for medically appointed devices such as the medBike trainer.


“Our participants wait in line to use the medBike,” reports the clinic’s founder and CEO Melanie Brennan, DPT. “They love to feel their legs move and achieve a strengthening workout that they are not capable of doing on a standard machine due to their challenges with mobility.”

The first thing Terry liked was that it did not require her to transfer into a seat. She could simply move her wheelchair up to the machine and begin exercising. The next thing she enjoyed was the Pedal-Assisted Mode, one of three modes of operation offered by medBike therapy.

In pedal-assisted mode, the motor supplements movement when needed. For example, if one leg happens to be weaker than the other or fatigues more quickly, the medBike motor kicks in to keep the user pedaling smoothly.

“It was wonderful, I could stay in my wheelchair and use my feet on the pedals,” Terry says enthusiastically. “And the medBike wasn’t powered only by my strength alone, so I could exercise longer.”

The medBike ergometer also offers Active Mode, where the patient fully drives the exercise, and Passive Mode, where the motor drives the movement.

Bringing medBike Exercise Home

When Terry’s disability progressed, the need for at-home exercise became crucial. Besides convenience, it would help them avoid the cost of an expensive gym membership. While the Andersons already owned a NuStep trainer, the transfer out of her wheelchair made it more difficult for Terry. She would also fatigue easily. David reached out to Biodex about purchasing the medBike ergometer.

David spoke with Tom Giammanco, Director, U.S. Distributor Sales for Biodex. Tom helped guide him through the purchase process, and even provided some foot strap options to ensure Terry would have no trouble pedaling with her feet secured to the pedals.

Terry and David decided to sell their NuStep unit to help pay for the medBike trainer. David explains, “We aren’t extravagant people, and our lives are simple. But there’s a way to make it work. With all the benefits you get, it pays for itself easily.”

For anyone looking to own a medBike trainer, he recommends breaking down the cost of a gym membership. “It shows you a path.”

Now, thanks to assisted pedaling on the medBike trainer, Terry went from exercising one or two times a week to being able to exercise for thirty minutes almost every day. To the Andersons, that alone made it worth the cost.


The Power of Hope

Terry and David have been married for nearly 29 years. They credit strong faith for their collective resilience. David, a cancer survivor, has written an album of inspirational songs titled Seasons of Hope, available on popular music streaming channels.

As the title song says, “To grow you need both sunshine and rain.” We hope the sun is shining on Terry and David today.

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Stephanie Viola, Manager, Content Strategy
Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.