Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. introduces NEW Hamstring Injury Risk Management Software

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October 5, 2015, Shirley NY – Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. has developed a new software update for its System 3 and 4 Multi-Joint System to aid with hamstring injury risk management.

The update includes two test protocols with strong correlation to reducing hamstring injury and re-injury.  The Multiple Angle Comparison Test examines isometric bilateral flexion peak torque symmetry where the limb position puts the hamstring in a lengthened (stretched) state.  The Mixed H/Q Ratio Test uses a ratio of eccentric and concentric flexion peak torque.

Regardless of whether you have an existing process for protecting and strengthening hamstrings, the objective test protocols offered with the new software will provide valuable isolated muscle-performance data.  Test results, combined with established target outcomes, can be used for pre-emptive injury screening, managing rehabilitation and determining readiness for return-to-play.

The software update is available to current owners of System 3 and 4 Multi-Joint Systems and comes standard on all new System 4 devices as well as reconditioned System 3 or 4 units. There are specific upgrade paths associated with each system.  Depending on the protocol being applied, a special knee attachment may be required.

To learn more about the software, upgrade paths, attachments, or to receive the new update visit, call 1-800-224-6339 x2120 or email

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