Biodex Hosts Ultrasound Students from Hunter Business School

Biodex Hosts Ultrasound Students from Hunter Business School

Ultrasound students from Hunter Business School visited Biodex headquarters in Shirley, New York for instructor-led education. The students, who are 3 weeks away from graduation at the time of the visit, learned about the latest ergonomic features built into Biodex Ultrasound tables from Senior Product Manager of Diagnostic Imaging Tables, Rich Schubert.

This is the fifth year in a row Hunter has paid Biodex a visit, continuing a tradition that began when the Hunter program director met Mr. Schubert at the Society of Medical Diagnostic Sonography (SDMS) annual conference.

Students learned how the ergonomic features built into Biodex imaging tables, from the motion to the power features, began with customer feedback. For example, Schubert explained how the tables were made to move low to the ground to accommodate wheelchair transfers, and how the unique Fowler positioning helped solve the issue of patients who had difficulty sitting up without sliding or shifting.

After the presentation, students were taken on a tour of the facility to see where the tables are manufactured. They finished the visit by taking a closer look at the tables to gain a better understanding of their functions and how they might benefit those in the field.

All Hunter students have been successful in finding employment after graduation. Congratulations to the class of 2018!