“We understand your pain… and did something about it.”

QA Programs for Uptake Probes and Well Counters

Whenever we speak with our customers we take the opportunity to ask how they like our Ultrasound Tables and if there is anything we can do to improve them.  We take that information back to our engineers and continually strive to incorporate as many enhancements as we can to make the sonographer imaging experience comfortable, efficient and safe.  The new generation of Biodex Ultrasound Tables features enhancements that were inspired by conversations with our customers.

Ergonomics are always the prime concern.  There are many injuries sonographers can incur of which people are unaware.  It’s important to have comfortable positions for the shoulder, arm and hand when scanning.  If the sonographer has to continually contort to get a quality image this can lead to musculoskeletal injuries. The ergonomics of an ultrasound table are crucial to lowering the risk of incurring these injuries.

One of the most important elements in ultrasound table ergonomic design is reducing the sonographer’s reach.  It’s essential for the sonographer to get as close to the patient as possible when performing a scanning procedure. Biodex has redesigned the optional side rails to tuck underneath the table when not in use to allow clear access to the tabletop, and they are now mounted flush to the table, thus eliminating discomfort and reducing the reach required by the sonographer. In the past the rails would extend 1.5 inches from the table.  While this may not seem like much, it was enough to cause the sonographer to be further away from the patient than was a comfortable distance to perform the scan.  With the flush rails, the sonographer does not have to overstretch to achieve a quality image.

The new cardiac scanning cushion has been redesigned to drop down and release from either side of the table, with nothing protruding.  This cutout has been increased in size, the largest in the industry, providing open access to the left thorax area for an unobstructed apical approach.

Improved Fowler positioning accommodates natural body extension and sitting position.  It is infinitely adjustable up to 80 degrees.  In some previous designs the motorized Fowler back pushed the patient forward causing the sonographer to re-position the patient which could lead to sonographer injury if required to lift the patient.  This has been greatly reduced in the new design.

In addition, there are newly designed options further enhancing the ergonomics of the tables.  The headrest extends down to 15 degrees and is ideal for carotid and thyroid procedures.  It allows for greater neck extension and easier thyroid and carotid access.  An Articulating Scanning Arm Board adjusts from 0 to 130 degrees and locks every 10 degrees.

At Biodex, customer feedback and support are the main guidance in our design process.  We will continue to use customer input as we move into the future and redesign our tables with innovative ideas to enhance ergonomics for the comfort and safety of the sonographer.

For more information about our new Ultrasound Tables online go to www.biodex.com/ultrasound or download the brochure, www.biodex.com/brochure/ultrasound.