The Role of the C-Arm Table

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Some people ask: How important is it to have C-Arm tables in hospitals and other facilities? The answer is: Do you want versatility, mobility, longevity and cost effectiveness? Then the C-Arm table is a low-cost investment with a high revenue generating return because it can be used for so many applications.

Most C-Arm tables are very versatile; they can be used for a long list of image-guided procedures. The same table can be used for different types of vascular procedures, cardiac procedures and pain care, to name a few. This versatility leads to the cost effectiveness part of the equation. Because you can use it for so many different types of procedures the table can be constantly in use generating revenue for the facility. The more procedures that are done in a day, a week, a month—the more revenue the facility can generate. Let’s face it, health care is a business; there are salaries to pay, facility maintenance, and commodities to purchase.

Because these C-Arm tables are mobile they can be moved from one area to next, going from room-to-room when needed. How much work it is put through, is up to you. How does longevity fit in? To get the most of any equipment investment, think quality first. Don’t be overly influenced by price to get the most out of dollars spent. Most well made C-Arm tables can have a lifetime of ten to fifteen years. Here at Biodex Medical Systems, I get calls from customers that have tables that are well over ten years old and are looking for replacements parts for tables that have been discontinued many years. They love these tables. These tables have served them well and they hate to see them go. These customers have received more than their money’s worth. When you annualize the cost of the table over its lifetime the investment is beyond reasonable. When you factor in the revenue it has generated over its lifetime, it’s a Home Run from both a financial standpoint and it’s ability to serve your facility!

One of the best investments a facility can make is in a C-Arm table. Use it as much as possible. Its usefulness is only limited to your imagination.