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October 26, 2011
Karen Johnson, Marketing Promotions Manager, Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

My roommate from college has often said, “Getting older is not for wimps.” As things start to break, need tweaking or flat out have to be replaced, these events take a toll on the get-up-and-go attitude. Independence, confidence, and a sense of well being, is one of the first things to be rocked, especially when the older adult is affected by disease, injury or surgery requiring a lengthy rehabilitation process. At Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. one of the markets we serve is physical medicine and rehabilitation. Companies who purchase our products in this market are physical medicine providers up to large rehabilitation hospitals and multi-site centers. Biodex invests a lot into their technology; made to meet the detailed needs of patients and cannot be purchased at a big box store. The technology produced here works and is used to help people walk and function again, change their lives or return their lives. For the aging adult, this is good news. Diseases and conditions robbing a person of their ability to be mobile, eventually leading to other diseases, can often be avoided through regular exercise and therapy according to many health studies. The Centers for Disease Control have released eye-opening statistics about disease which will affect how the older adult will spend their lives as their bodies begin to break down. In a study by the New Dynamics of Ageing Programme, reported in the December 2010 issue of Science Daily, the study, “examines the relationship between successful aging and mobility patterns.” We have the technology to help people with mobility issues, it is surprising to hear stories of older adults who are not getting access to this information. I had a conversation with a neighbor whose brother is suffering from Parkinson ‘s disease; she mentioned he is getting a special scooter to go on the golf course so he can still play golf. This is a man around 60, has access to medical care and has no idea what rehabilitation tools are available to help him with his gait and restore some of his mobility back. “As age, disease or other conditions take hold, our gait gets shorter and shorter. It happens over time or suddenly, but when our gait gets shorter, the risk of falling increases,” explained Don Gronachan, Rehab Sales Director for Biodex. An injury from a fall can be a critical event in an aging person’s life. Why? Because it can be a total game changer due to associated debilitating injury while decreasing confidence in ones ability to ambulate and remain independent. Often after a fall a person is led to believe they will never be the same again. Not true. The word needs to get out about the newest ways to rehabilitate persons with gait disabilities, now! Add technology to the offering, this will enhance and provide for better outcomes. Also, insurance companies want to see results, technology will document progress. We are not suggesting you drop your rubber bands, balls and balance boards altogether, but we are recommending pieces of technology to help patients go beyond! Karen Duane Johnson Marketing Promotions Manager Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. 20 Ramsay Road Shirley, N.Y. 11967-4704 Phone: 631-924-9000 ext. 2277 Fax: 631-205-2413 E-mail: Web:   This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. or its staff.  Category: