Biodex BioSway
For lightweight, portable balance assessment and training, Biodex offers a multi-purpose therapy device that enables balance testing and conditioning for a wide range of users. The Biodex BioSway is a platform engineered to help anyone – from athletes to senior citizens – to build strength, improve their balance, and develop stability.

Perfect for clinicians and trainers on the go, this portable device is ideal for offsite visits, sideline analysis, health fairs, or for use between facilities. Monitor and compare objective test results to track progress; all while improving proprioception, motor control, and vestibular training.


Balance Testing for Concussion using Biodex Technology at Valir Physical Therapy, Oklahoma
Valir Physical Therapy, with 15 clinics across the state of Oklahoma, now offers balance testing for concussion.  Baseline testing is performed on student athletes using the Biodex portable BioSway.  If an athlete sustains an injury the baseline is used as an objective measurement against post injury testing to determine when an athlete is ready to return to play.


Presbyterian Sports Medicine and the Biodex Balance Assessment Program
Presbyterian Sports Medicine introduced the Biodex Balance Assessment Program at their Fourth Annual Competitive Edge Sports Screening Day. Over 200 clinicians and non-clinician volunteer their time and offer a free sports screening for students in the county’s High Schools.


Tracking Concussions with Biodex BioSway
KWTV in Oklahoma reports on how Valir Health is using the Biodex BioSway™ to assess a student athlete’s balance to get a baseline assessment before a student starts playing a sport.  Later on this same data can be used to determine if a student athlete has suffered a concussion, if it is resolved and if the student is ready to return to play.