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Nuclear pharmacies have come to recognize Biodex Atomlab Dose Calibrators as a vital component to improving patient health through safe and efficient use of radioactive materials during handling, diagnosis and therapy. Biodex Medical Systems Inc., discussed with Brett Whittacre, president of BioDose, Las Vegas, a leading provider of nuclear medicine management systems, some of the import objectives of a busy pharmacy and how the Atomlab Dose Calibrator helps hospitals and labs meet their goals.

I would like to share with you, some points made in our discussion…

Time is money. Software providers like BioDose have developed cost-effective programs to provide accurate solutions for computer isotope tracking needs. When working with radioactive materials, leading facilities turn to a system which is simple to operate, but can provide fast, accurate radionuclide activity measurements. So when it was time to look at technology to accomplish this, this leading provider turned to Biodex for solutions.

BioDose provides software programs to nuclear pharmacists, one of the company’s software offerings is called the BioRx Pharmacy System; the Atomlab Dose Calibrator is an integrated part of this program chosen to communicate with BioDose as well as other widely recognized commercial nuclear medicine management systems. In the early stages of development, Brett Whittacre worked on the communication protocols between software and hardware to ensure its reliability as a system able to perform under the most demanding conditions. “The Atomlab and BioDose communication protocol provides increased efficiency and time savings with each dose. We saw substantial gains; speed gains with the interface and dose measurements. This is so important to commercial nuclear pharmacies because over the course of a day, these savings really add up,” explained Whittacre.

With more and more nuclear medicine departments going electronic, turning to hot lab management in their pharmacies, hospitals and other nuclear facilities, interfacing with either the Nuclear Management Information System (NMIS) or the BioRx software, needed to be accomplished. “This feature is found in all the Atomlab Dose Calibrators from Biodex. The Atomlab interfaces with all of our hot lab management and pharmacy solutions while storing records for inspectors. This is a real time inventory system,” stated Whittacre.

While BioDose’s software can communicate with dose calibrators, another important feature was having the dose calibrator transmit to a computer. “There are only a few dose calibrators that can transmit to a computer, Biodex is one of them,” another great time-savings feature for the commercial laboratory. The functionality doesn’t end there: Using NMIS or BioRx programs, together, provide optimal control over wipe test counting and constancy. “The combination of the Atomlab 500 Plus, and BioDose’s software, the capability is there to store information in a database indefinitely. The data is stored as reports in the management system’s software.” Biodex Atomlab Dose Calibrators are the choice of professionals when it comes to inventory control, data storage, volume correction, activity measurements and more!