Nuclear Pharmacy Cleanroom Solutions Begin with Biodex

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The Biodex Germfree Shielded Isolator provides the ultimate in both product and operator protection. Quality features such as full-view glass and electronic height adjustment are some of the unique features found only with the Biodex Isolator, setting it apart from the competition. The Shielded Isolator functions as a “glovebox” using negative pressure to meet NIOSH recommendations while complying with USP<797> regulations for use outside a cleanroom environment. I have spoken to many technologists about the isolator and they are all thrilled about having a solution to interruptions in their day. The Isolator eliminates the need to suit up, which everyone recognizes as a huge time saver.

When it comes to compounding sterile preparations, adhering to USP<797> recommendations has never been easier. This really is a one-stop shop for cleanliness and purity of products. If you are going to compound radiopharmaceuticals or blood products, this is the isolator to do it in. It is a great product to revamp your facility into a Class 5 cleanroom environment. When space considerations are an issue, having this self-contained mobile Isolator will improve a technologists’ ability to meet requirements while avoiding coming into contact with pathogens.

The Isolator is a perfect complement to any nuclear facility, large or small. Known for its flexibility, the Isolator lets technologists do their work with minimal interruptions throughout their work day. Many technologists accustomed to working with L-block shields have found transitioning to an isolator very easy. After all, there is no suiting-up required to use the Isolator.

At Biodex we are noticing hospitals and state pharmacy boards are enforcing greater compliance, this is the perfect product to meet that goal. With enforcement of USP<797> regulations growing, proper handling of needles and the increased need for sterile compounding are putting pressure on radiopharmacists to adhere to these guidelines. Nuclear pharmacies are facing more than they used to. There are new work environments and dosing techniques being recommended or required that make the application of the Isolator an ideal fit.

Working solutions found on the isolator include: small footprint, large full-view shielded window, motorized height adjustment, HEPA air filtration, ISO Class 5 (Class 100) and USP<797> compliant. Instead of costly construction and designs to rework your facility, get the certified shielded barrier laminar flow isolator from Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.