New Biodex Machine Improves KORT Therapists’ Ability to Assess and Treat Patients

The new Biodex Balance System SD at the KORT Springhurst clinic is getting a real workout as physical therapists use it to assess and treat patients with a wide variety of conditions including: vestibular and balance issues, concussions, falls, orthopedic injuries, and rehabilitation following knee and hip replacement surgery.

Biodex is the latest in computerized rehab technology featuring a computerized platform and touch-screen control panel for patients with balance conditions that may place them at increased risk of potentially fatal falls.

“The population who can benefit from Biodex Balance System testing and conditioning is enormous. Prior to having this machine, it was very difficult for us to simulate real world conditions such as uneven pavement or moving surfaces, which made it hard to really determine the extent of a patient’s balance problem. Now with Biodex, we can more accurately simulate everyday movements and get a better idea of the patient’s deficiencies.

Are they favoring their right leg more than their left and by how much? Can they maintain balance with their eyes open, but not shut? Do they have difficulty balancing on an unstable surface? The test provides specific patient data which then allows us to develop an appropriate treatment plan,” said Springhurst Clinic Director and Doctor of Physical Therapy Robin Harrington.

The patient begins by taking a specific Biodex Balance System SD test based on their condition, whether they are at risk for falling, have suffered a concussion or are recovering from surgery. The Biodex Balance System combines sensors under a platform to detect patient movement, weight distribution and reactions to computer challenges. Patients can see how they are doing on a large eye-level screen. The computer captures and stores the results and compares them to the performance of healthy individuals of the same age and gender who performed the same tests.

According to Harrington, the treatment plan will include exercises done in the clinic on the Biodex machine under strict supervision by the physical therapist, as well as exercises the patient can perform at home to speed recovery time. Patients are retested using the same Biodex Balance System SD test which compares results over a period of time allowing the physical therapist and patient to see their progress. The reports can also be sent to the patient’s physician so he or she can track the patient’s recovery as well.