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QA Programs for Uptake Probes and Well Counters

Choosing the Best C-Arm Table for 3D Imaging

There are a growing number of clinical studies proving 3D visualization can greatly improve surgical outcomes. One particular study compared the impact of two-dimensional (2D) versus three-dimensional (3D) visualization on both objective and subjective measures of laparoscopic performance using the validated Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) skill set.

QA Programs for Uptake Probes and Well Counters

“We understand your pain… and did something about it.”

Sound Pro™ Combination TableWhenever we speak with our customers we take the opportunity to ask how they like our Ultrasound Tables and if there is anything we can do to improve them.  We take that information back to our engineers and continually strive to incorporate as many enhancements as we can to make the sonographer imaging experience comfortable, efficient and safe.  The new generation of Biodex Ultrasound Tables features enhancements that were inspired by conversations with our customers. 

Ergonomics are always the prime concern.  There are many injuries sonographers can incur of which people are unaware.  It’s important to have comfortable positions for the shoulder, arm and hand when scanning.  If the sonographer has to continually contort to get a quality image this can lead to musculoskeletal injuries. The ergonomics of an ultrasound table are crucial to lowering the risk of incurring these injuries. >>

QA Programs for Uptake Probes and Well Counters

Why Purchase a Biodex Table?

When you purchase a piece of capital equipment it is an investment. An investment you hope will bring revenue in and pay for itself many times over. When making a purchase investment in a piece of equipment you need to do your due diligence first. Investigate the product, its manufacturer and their customers to determine if this is the purchasing path you should take.

Does the product have the features that make the most sense for its intended use? Does it meet the guidelines of use set forth by the staff using it? Does the product have features you are paying for that will not be used? The C-arm table product line from Biodex has many different models to choose from. This gives the purchaser the opportunity to select the right table for the job. You don’t want to over pay for features not necessary or miss features that are critical to its use. Don’t just look at the obvious features, such as table movements and patient capacity. Look at the construction features; remember this is a long-term investment. >>

QA Programs for Uptake Probes and Well Counters

The Role of the C-Arm Table

Some people ask: How important is it to have C-Arm tables in hospitals and other facilities? The answer is: Do you want versatility, mobility, longevity and cost effectiveness? Then the C-Arm table is a low-cost investment with a high revenue generating return because it can be used for so many applications.

Most C-Arm tables are very versatile; they can be used for a long list of image-guided procedures. The same table can be used for different types of vascular procedures, cardiac procedures and pain care, to name a few. This versatility leads to the cost effectiveness part of the equation. Because you can use it for so many different types of procedures the table can be constantly in use generating revenue for the facility. The more procedures that are done in a day, a week, a month—the more revenue the facility can generate. Let’s face it, health care is a business; there are salaries to pay, facility maintenance, and commodities to purchase.  >>

QA Programs for Uptake Probes and Well Counters

Evolution of the Ultrasound Table… not all tables are Biodex tables!

Since the 1980s Biodex has been pioneering the design of the ultrasound table. There has been a constant design evolution to bring about the very best in ergonomic design to the ultrasound marketplace.

For instance, something as subtle as the wheel of the table has seen a transformation, because a better designed wheel, makes for a better overall patient experience. All Biodex tables include 5-inch casters for smooth table mobility. In the past the ultrasound table had 2-inch casters. The smaller wheel limited the mobility of the table. Increasing the size of the casters allowed the table to move freely, even with a large patient on it. Keeping the patient in mind, this slight modification meant the patient can be moved from an exam room to a procedure room without having to take the patient on or off the table.  >>