Biodex/Walters Concussion Management Workshop

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University of Maryland / Gossett Football Facility

Biodex recently sponsored another workshop in a series of Concussion Management Workshops given by NATA Hall of Famer, Dr. Rod Walters. The host organization for this educational experience was the Athletic Training Department at the University of Maryland. Darryl Conway ATC did a tremendous job readying the Gossett Football Facility for the workshop.

There were over 20 attendees including physicians, athletic trainers and chiropractors who attended to hear Rod Walters’ perspectives on the hot topic of concussion management. The attendees were treated to a curriculum which covered the incidence and mechanisms of injury, current sideline evaluation techniques, new technologies used in evaluating potential or suspected mild traumatic brain injuries and finally return-to-play criteria. The hands-on session was well received.

If you are interested in attending a Biodex Concussion Management workshop, please visit for the upcoming schedule.