Balance Exercise Helps Those with Impaired Vision

Balance exercises are critical for individuals who have diabetes. Balance exercises can assist in improving balance and preventing falls. We are all witnesses to the exploding numbers of those with Diabetes. Diabetes directly influences our balance and ability to keep from falling. One of the complicatios of diabetes is that it diminishes a person’s vision. For balance, our vision is the primary sense our brain relies upon for good balance abilities. In this research article, we see that doing balance exercises helps to improve balance, improve muscle strength, improve walking (gait) and decrease falls.

Recent medical research on Balance Exercises for Diabetics…
The gait and balance of patients with diabetes can be improved: a randomised controlled trial.
Department of Epidemiology, Maastricht University and Caphri Research School, Maastricht, the Netherlands. Authors: Allet L; Armand S; de Bie RA; Golay A; Monnin D; Aminian K; Staal JB; de Bruin ED

Gait characteristics and balance are altered in diabetic patients. Little is known about possible treatment strategies. This study evaluates the effect of a specific training programme, including balance exercises on gait and balance of diabetic patients. METHODS: This was a randomised controlled trial (n=71) with an intervention (n=35) and control group (n=36). The intervention consisted of physiotherapeutic group training including gait and balance exercises with function-orientated strengthening (twice weekly over 12 weeks). Controls received no treatment. Individuals were allocated to the groups in a central office. Gait, balance, fear of falls, muscle strength and joint mobility were measured at baseline, after intervention and at 6-month follow-up. RESULTS: After training, the intervention group that were given balance exercises increased habitual walking speed by 0.149 m/s compared with the control group. Patients in the intervention group also significantly improved their balance (time to walk over a beam, balance index recorded on Biodex balance system), their performance-oriented mobility, their degree of concern about falling, their hip and ankle plantar flexor strength, and their hip flexion mobility compared with the control group. After 6 months, all these variables remained significant except for the Biodex sway index and ankle plantar flexor strength.

CONCLUSIONS/INTERPRETATION: Specific training (balance exercises) can improve gait speed, balance, muscle strength and joint mobility in diabetic patients.


Balance Exercises help Balance and walking in Diabetics
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