Atomlab and BioDose – a winning combination!

QA Programs for Uptake Probes and Well Counters


Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. caught up with Brent Morgan, owner of the Rio Grande Nuclear Pharmacy, located in El Paso, Texas. To run this commercial pharmacy at peak performance, Morgan relies on the Biodex Atomlab 500 Dose Calibrator and Wipe Test Counter to increase operating efficiency. Don’t just take our word for it, read the interview below!

Tell us how important the Atomlab 500 and Wipe Test Counter is to your operations?
Morgan: It is amazing what our lab has been able to do when using the Atomlab 500 Dose Calibrator and Wipe Test Counter. Ease of daily calibrations is awesome—I just love using this system. In my opinion, this is the easiest dose calibrator out there in terms of communications protocol, we have been able to get the system to perform some neat things.

What are some of the functions you really appreciate in the system?
Morgan: We are able to run everything off the BioDose software, put the BioDose in the dose calibrator and the calibrations and constancies are automatically switched over to a file folder. Our daily task involves checking on constancy, which is on our main page. With Atomlab, we are able to pull it up on the BioDose system, stick in the source, hit <go> and the system puts all the numbers in while saving it there.

With the Wipe Test Counter, do you use it to check your Pigs?
Morgan: Yes, about 90 percent of the wipe test counter’s use is for wiping the Pigs and bags before shipment.

Do you use the system on the full spectrum? Wide window? Or individual Isotopes?
Morgan: I have the system on wide window because we do receive in I-123s and I-131s. We wipe those when they come in and before shipping. I leave it on wide window since I have the occasional Thallium and Technetium.

Do you find Radiopharmacy is saving you time in how you dispense doses? Does it make for a quicker process? In drawing your doses, is it a nice cohesive system?
Morgan: The system between the BioDose and Biodex Atomlab is totally seamless—so, so fast. It is the best system since sliced bread!

The Biodex Atomlab 500 and Wipe Test Counter were really designed for the end user. Keeping nuclear pharmacies in mind…do you get any use out of the nuclear pharmacy menu? In terms of QA, Tech Control or is that strictly done through the BioDose software?
Morgan: The software developers at BioDose just about thought of everything essential that could be used with the Atomlab. I have used the system for checking to see if a dose was used, to verify the appropriate amount of returned activity and future dosing.

Are there any functions of the Atomlab that your pharmacy finds most useful to its daily operations?
Morgan: Dose calibrator operations through the BioDose software is a wonderful, automated feature. Along with the Wipe Test Counter being automated, these two functions have opened up a whole new world for me. My old counter just gave me DPMs, with this system I am able to see if I have a contamination and find out exactly where it came from—where the source is. The multichannel analyzer was another bonus for me because I have never had one. These two systems are all a pharmacy needs to just get going efficiently.