Age is Just a Number

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January 23, 2014
Trevor Lucy, CEO of Homecare Technologies

In these times, it seems that age is really just a number. Independent living is now becoming mainstream for the elderly and even people who would have been perceived as “old” in the past continue to achieve significant life and professional goals, despite the number tag that is attached to them. You could say there is a few reasons for this. People understand medical science better than ever before, and are looking after themselves physically better than ever before, be it from a nutrition, lifestyle and exercise point of view. The current stats from Ireland point to an ever increasing age in our population which again shows that we are looking after ourselves better. When it comes to proving this point with a real-life scenario, there is definitely no shortage of examples. Take Rupert Murdoch; he embodies the concept of age being a highly active businessman at the ripe age of 82. This Australian business magnet has amassed enormous wealth within the broadcast and entertainment industries for decade after decade. Find out about some more admirable older people in our infographic below and see just how much age really doesn’t matter! Our impressive facts and figures about the aging population in Ireland, will really blow you away.     Author Bio: Trevor Lucy, CEO of Homecare Technologies, has been providing Hospitals and Nursing Homes with assistive technology since 1992 through his company Sound & Vision Communications. He decided to set-up Homecare Technologies after receiving so many enquiries from members of the public in the last two years for solutions to issues they were having at home. To date the company’s sales have far exceeded Trevor’s expectations and the company is growing month on month. For more information: Category: